Bogrim Update 2013 – Week 7

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Bogrim Mix2

Since arriving back from Sababa last week, Bogrim has had a ton of fun. We ended last week with Shabbat Families. We broke up into groups, and were assigned different counselors to be our “parents”. During Shabbat we had deep discussions about Jewish families, teaching us distinct differences in traditions and values. After Shabbat we started the new week with separate male and female bonding activities. The girls split up into pairs and asked each other personal questions, and the boys made up a funny dance, which was performed at the Solelim and Bogrim play this past Tuesday. Who knew the boys were so talented? Then, Sunday started out as a normal day, but in the evening

Bogrim Mix

a helicopter landed on the soccer field, surprising all of us, and announcing Yom Sport break out! After being split into teams, we worked together in friendly competition. We learned cheers, played sports, and even worked on team banners. Everyone played so well. On Tuesday, we performed in a spectacular production of the Solelim and Bogrim play, Cinderella. The play was fantastic, and everyone in camp loved it. The week kept getting better with our Yom Daled, Yom Battle of the Sexes. Girls wore pink and boys wore blue. We wrote cheers, played Top Chef, and even had an interesting discussion about gender stereotypes in camp. Now, we want to work on defying sexism in our daily lives. Bogrim is excited for the upcoming last week in camp, and we are ready to take advantage of every moment!

Shabbat Shalom,

Gaby Mervis