Bogrim Update 2013 – Week 5

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Bogrim Girls Bogrim had an incredible week. Last week ended with learning about the power of words through interesting discussions during Shabbat Shabbable. We read different stories about gossiping, talked about the way in which our words can hurt or empower others, and before Shabbat we watched a clip from the movie Mean Girls. The Shabbat really brought our edah closer together.  Excitedly greeting our friends and family on Visiting Day, we enjoyed “showing off” our beautiful camp. We ended the day watching and competing in a basketball game against Ramah Nyack staff.

Bogrim Mix

Finally, we loved our yom daled,Yom Board Games which included an intense paint fight, a game of LIFE relay races, and watched the movie Jumanji.  Bogrim is getting very excited about the upcoming etgar and Sababa! Shabbat Shalom. 

Gaby Mervis