Bogrim Update 2013 – Week 4

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Bogrim MixThis past week was Bogrim‘s best week ever! Ending with Shabbat Mabat (identity), we were able to explore the different Jewish identities in Israel. We divided ourselves into different ethnicities; some of us were Russian Jews, others were Ethiopians, and some were even Haredi. We then taught our bunkmates about each ethnicity, and their importance in Israeli society. An amazing  havdalah on the sundeck,  energized us for the week which began with a pep rally for Yom Palmer! On Sunday, our day was filled with cheers, nerves, and competitive excitement. Despite the outcomes of our games, all of Bogrim played their hardest!  Bogrim beautifully commemorated Tisha B’av as a community. We engaged in deep discussion about the meaning of the day and listened to several  speakers who shared their thoughts and beliefs about how Tisha B’Av resonates with them. Finally, we experienced Yom Tov, a themed day in which we celebrated the many hagim ( Jewish holidays) in the calendar’s cycle. The best part was a delicious chocolate seder! As the week comes to a close, Bogrim is thrilled about another Shabbat in Camp  and looking forward to seeing their close family and friends on Visiting Day!

Gaby Mervis