Bogrim 2017 — Week 3

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This past week Bogrim chanichim enthusiastically and energetically participated in a very musical week starting with a “so you think you can dance” lip sync battle peulat erev, a “Pitch Perfect” styled sing off peulat erev and concluded the week with Yom Soundtrack. Yom soundtrack  was a fully programmed day with each activity representing a different year’s top hit song featuring “where is the love?”; Capture the love (a variation of capture the flag); and a “poker face” evening of casino style card games and snacks. Our theme, this week, music, gave Bogrim campers and opportunity to enjoy musical tefilla and on Yom Hav  we had a tefilla conversation about the song “live your life”.  We compared the values of living a meaningful life and how we live our lives as Jews while exploring the related themes found  in the amida.  We will conclude the week with Shabbat Tzahal, a Shabbat planned with our American madrichim and Israeli miktzoim. This Shabbat our discussions will focus on the core values of the Israeli army and learn how it can relate  to our lives as Jewish Americans.

Shabbat Shalom,

Naama Malomet, Rosh Bogrim