Bogrim 2017–Week 2

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This week bogrimers enjoyed a week filled with activities! Our first group of campers embarked and returned from etgar (3 day hiking trip on the Appalachian trail). Others wrote their edah song, and participated in Yom mishpacha for yom meyuchad,. Here, the campers were organized into silly families, dressed in their familial themes, characterized themselves with familial traits, and played many family games such as family feud, family reunion lawn games and even built homes out of cardboard boxes that had to fulfill their insurance policy requirements. This Shabbat we are looking forward to Shabbat superheroes and discussing our everyday heroes, specific heroic traits that we would like to embody and how to be gracious to our local and everyday heroes.

Shabbat Shalom,

Naama Malomet, Rosh Bogrim