Behind the scenes at Kol Ramah – Amateur Radio at Camp Ramah

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kol ramahMention “Radio” at Camp Ramah and thoughts immediately turn to our award winning camp broadcast station Kol Ramah, heard on the FM dial at 102.3 Mhz all around camp, streaming on and on your phone via the free android and iphone app.

What you may not know is that we also have a complete FCC licensed Amateur Radio station, N2SJ, (November 2 Sierra Juliet) where campers come to experience the excitement of communicating with other Amateur Radio stations in the next county and around the world.

This summer two participants (Bogrim and Gesher) earned their own Amateur Radio FCC operating licenses and received their own call signs!

N2SJ once again logged contacts worldwide, including with stations in England, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Israel, Canada and throughout the US; from California to Carmel NY. We also monitored orbiting communications satellite SO-50. This is in spite of solar storms and geomagnetic disturbances this summer which at times made shortwave communication a challenge.

Radio at camp Ramah is supported in large part through the efforts of the Steve Jacobson Memorial Amateur Radio Association (

To learn more about this wonderful hobby visit, the National Association for Amateur Radio.

N2SJ is the FCC licensed club station of the Steve Jacobson Memorial Amateur Radio Association.

See you on the radio;



Mitch Mernick KC2EFR