Amitei Ramah Tzeirim Fellowship at CRB

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This summer began the inaugural year of the Amitei Ramah Tzeirim (ART) program at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. This fellowship, sponsored by National Ramah and implemented at six different Ramah camps across the country focuses on teen Jewish leadership training, opportunities for Jewish study, and volunteering in Jewish communities across North America. This year ten fellows were chosen from Adat HaGesher 2018 to participate in this one-year commitment fellowship program. The programs purpose is for teens to understand elements of Jewish leadership, within our own capabilities, through the experiences they have had as Ramah campers in order to provide comparable opportunities for their own communities at home. Each ART participant is responsible for implementing or improving personal projects that enhance Jewish engagement, attending meetings in the NYC area with keynote speakers, and participating in webinars and group discussions with other ART participants. At our most recent session, which took place at the Jewish Theological Seminar, participants had the opportunity to engage with CRB Director Rabbi Ethan Linden, and the Director of Leadership Development at the Foundation for Jewish Camp, Julie Finkelstein, where they discussed taking their skills and turning them into their greatest assets. Participants reflected on some of their skills they gained at camp including teamwork, how to actively pursue their interests, and how to be comfortable with the unexpected. We look forward to sharing the developments of these projects with you throughout the year!

Looking forward to continuing to work with this strong group of fellows!

Hallie Chandler, CRB Amitei Ramah Tzeirim Coordinator