Alumnus Profile: Josh “Smitty” Smith

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Over the last eighteen years I have experienced the Ramah community in many different ways. I cherished my time as a camper and counselor and greatly enjoyed seeing camp from various perspectives during my summers as Rosh Sport, Rosh Gesher and Rosh B-Side. I am also grateful for the unique opportunity to continue my journey with Ramah into my professional life, spending four years as the full-time Staff Coordinator and director of Ramah Retreats. It was during this time that I also became intimately involved with the Alumni Association and met (or re-met) my wife Sarah at the 2010 RBAA Thanksgiving weekend event.  Just a few months earlier I had joined Ori Foger as the Co-Commissioner of the Ramah Basketball Association (RBA).

Each of the roles and positions I have held over the years have influenced and enhanced my connection to Ramah and the friends, campers, and professionals that make it such an amazing community. Serving as part of the RBA leadership team and the Alumni Hanhallah was no less inspirational and important. RBA provides a fun, competitive and social environment where Ramah alumni can engage with old and new friends and have a regular connection to camp throughout the year. Sunday nights playing ball with my favorite counselors, chug teammates, and now many former campers, have reinforced the memories and moments that make camp so special to me. As I moved on to work at a new camp during the spring of 2013 it was incredibly meaningful for me to stay involved with camp and continue to contribute in a tangible way. For many alumni, RBA is the camp season that, as adults, we count down towards in great anticipation as we look forward to seeing our friends, having fun and being part of a community. I am proud of the additions and improvements Ori and I have brought to the league such as team sponsorships, a “Legends Game” and expanded media coverage. After five amazingly fun seasons I am excited to pass the torch to Eli Grossman, a friend and Gesher camper of mine, and I look forward to the leadership he and Ori will continue to provide for the alumni community.

Camp has touched every part of my life and influences my daily interactions as a husband, friend, camp professional and Jew. I am excited to begin the next stage of my Ramah journey as a loyal and supportive alumnus with no official title, except hopefully “2016 RBA Champion”!