Alumni Spotlight: Sara Jonisch Levin (Gesher ‘03) and Ben Levin (Gesher ‘03)

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cc715913-44f8-4292-8053-218e8bbeb4f0Growing up at Ramah gave both of us a strong sense of community with over twenty collective summers spent in Wingdale.  Not only did we meet at Camp, but we both made lifelong friends as campers and staff members. After many years as campers, both of us worked at Camp for three summers – Sara as a bunk counselor and Ben on swim staff.

Working at Camp was a no-brainer for us.  We had spent so many years there as campers, becoming part of a Jewish community that we still consider our own today.  We had wonderful counselors and staff members who provided us with outstanding, memorable experiences.  Their work took what would have been undoubtedly fun times into a collection of summers that shaped us as Jews and as people.  We understood the extraordinary impact our staff members had on us, and so we wanted to be sure to give back to the next generation of Ramah chanichim, ensuring that they would have the life-long love of Camp that we do.  We loved being on staff, having the opportunities to continue spending summers with Ramah friends, and remaining a part of the precious community we loved so much.  Giving back to a place that had always meant so much in our lives, and seeing our own campers make lasting connections to one another and to Camp has been truly rewarding.

Ramah has given us so much and we have both have tried to give back as alumni. Ben has been on the Labor Day committee since 2009 and Sara has been on the Yom Give Back committee for the past two years.

Events like Yom Give Back are really important to us because they provide a connection to Ramah while helping those in need. Sara led the sandwich-making room during Yom Give Back and it was great to see different generations of Ramahnicks (including two of Sara’s former campers) working side by side to make a thousand sandwiches for various shelters throughout the city. We look forward to more opportunities to give back with our Ramah family!