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by Ranit Saposh Shiff

This week my parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.   They met in Wingdale in the summer of 1976 when my dad was a Rosh Edah and my mom was a counselor.  Less than a year later, in May 1977, they got married.   Growing up, my parents worked at camp so my brothers, Yoni, Ari and I were up there too and once we were old enough, we spent our summers as campers.  Nothing mattered more to me or made me happier than those 8 weeks at camp and I spent the rest of the year waiting for camp to start.

In addition to my parents, my two brothers also met their wives at camp – Yoni and Arielle (Greenbaum) have been married for six years and Ari and Naomi (Queen) have been married for almost four.  As the sole member of the Saposh family to marry someone who did not go to Ramah, I initially wondered what role camp would play in my married-to-a-non-Ramahnik life.  Luckily (although it might be argued that he has no choice) Gabe has embraced my Ramah family (both the Saposh one and the extended one).  Even though Gabe was not a camper, the Alumni Association has provided us with opportunities to enjoy camp together —  on Labor Day, Shabbat dinners in Manhattan and Purim carnivals and Gabe plays at the Golf Outing each year.

Camp is such a huge part of who I am and I feel so fortunate that Gabe and our children, Eliana and Kayla, can now make new memories and experience how special camp is together.

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