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Looking back, Camp has always played such an important role in our lives.   Renee and I began dating in the summer of 1998, the year I was Rosh Mayim and she was a second year member of Tzevet Mayim.  We were married in 2007 and welcomed future Ramahnick, our daughter, Sienna Rose into our family in January of 2010.  Ever since we both made the tough decision not to return to camp for “one more summer” we have been involved with the Alumni Association.

From playing in the Sunday night RBA league, to both of us separately heading up the Labor Day Committee, and then finally this past year working together to Co-Chair the committee for the first annual Purim Carnival, Renee and I have always remained connected to Ramah in some form.  In the past our involvement with the Alumni Association was for selfish reasons as it allowed us to hold on to that feeling of community that we had the moment we would step foot into Camp.  There was always something special, almost magical, how we could spend an entire year away from our Ramah family and within an instant it was like we never left.

Now, as parents, our reasons for remaining involved have changed.  They are so that Sienna and her cousins Ella and Max (and any future siblings or cousins) will have the opportunity to have that special feeling that we were lucky enough to experience for so many years.  Of course, if they are as lucky as Renee and I have been, they too will one day have their name on the Shiddach Wall and know that at the end of each day they will come home to that magical feeling that we captured oh so many years ago.

Mark Covitt

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