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My first summer at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires was 1983 when I was a Nitzanim camper. This morning I received an email from my bottom bunkmate that summer, Avi Deener, organizing us to golf together at the Alumni Association’s Golf Outing on July 18th. Our group will likely consist of friends I have had for almost 30 years.

I often get asked by non-Ramah friends and colleagues why I stay involved with camp. Well, it’s really quite simple. The friends I’ve made in my years at Ramah are lifelong ones. But it even goes beyond that. Camp really has offered me something at EVERY stage of my life thus far.

As a kid and through college, it was fun summers as a camper/counselor and winters reminiscing about those summers. In my twenties, it was RBA, Labor Day and other Alumni Association initiatives like the other RBA (anyone remember the Ramah Baby Association?). Now as I approach 40 (yikes), and my sons are preparing for Camp Ramah Nyack, I see the cycle about to begin again as a Ramah parent.

I continue to develop new Ramah friendships every day.  Some are former campers of mine, some are campers of former campers of mine, some are former counselors of mine, and some are even parents of former counselors of mine. There is a consistent thread I see with camp people and that is quality of character. It is why I look forward to staying involved with camp for years to come.

Rick Atlas
(Gesher 1989)

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