A Glorious Day

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We finished Yom Orchim – Visiting Day just a few hours ago. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and alumni came to visit our campers. It was a glorious day. I often feel like I am a mayor of a small town running for office. Parent after parent, alum after alum came up to me to thank me for the summer for their children or to express a toddah on how great camp looked to them.Image

The day ended with an emotional Gesher presentation created by the campers in appreciation for their summers in camp. They wrote an amazing song about their summers in camp. They spoke beautifully about what Ramah means to them and how camp helped form so much of who they are. Bonnie Rosenfeld, one of the Co-chairs of the Gesher Fund 2013, spoke to the crowd as a proud and grateful parent asking  for 100% support of their children’s wish to build a tree house,  “elevating”  camp experiences as dictated by CRB’s mission statement.

It was a glorious day and a day that is important to all of our constituent communities:

Our campers embraced their parents, loved ones and siblings

Our parents hugged their children and enjoyed picnicking

Our alumni shared the excitement of the day.

To all of you who were in camp, some 2,000 people it was great to see you and to all of you who could not make it I hope to see you some time in the future!

Rabbi Paul Resnick