2016 Tzeirim – Week 3

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Tzeirim week 3 1This week was incredibly exciting for Tzeirim.  From Sunday to Tuesday, our chanichim participated in a special Sports Clinic. Professional trainers taught us skills and drills.  Everyone had a lot of fun! On Wednesday during  Boker Tzrif,  each tzrif spent time eating special foods, dressing up as different characters and experienced activities as a bunk, which allowed for good bonding opportunities.  Continuing into the afternoon,  Yom Squad, introduced  Tzeirim to relay races and a flash mob dance. We ended the day with a spirited paint fight.  We are anticipating a restful Shabbat and looking forward  to seeing all of you on Sunday!

Shabbat Shalom.

Emily Rebenstock
Rosh Tzeirim

Tzeirim week 3 2