2016 Solelim – Week 2

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sol 2 week 2Solelim had a wonderful first full week in our machane, as chanichim settled into the daily routine. Not only did we dance the night away at the Fourth of July Concert, but we also enjoyed playing non-electronic versions of popular phone applications. Riding around camp in cardboard roller coaster cars for a rollercoaster scavenger hunt and showing off the edah‘s talents in a reverse talent show captivated the Solelimers. The highlight of the week was our Wednesday trip to Lake Compounce, where we had an incredible time going on roller coasters and water slides and, of course, drinking free soda. This morning we concluded the week with Boker Tzrif in which each tzrif (bunk) participated in its own themed day such as: Boker Getaway, Boker NYC, Boker Snapple Facts, Boker Shark Week, Boker Battle and Boker NFL.

Together,  this Shabbat, we will explore the Jewish food tradition through perspectives as diverse as culture and food ethics.

Shabbat Shalom.

Noam Kornsgold
Rosh Solelim

sol week 2