2016 Solelim – Week 1

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solelim 2 week 1Solelim had a fantastic first week in our machane (camp)!  Our first peulat erev (evening activity) was an exciting game of human bingo. During Opening Day, too, we cooled off in the agam (lake)  and took our swim checks, and selected our chug k’vutzot (teams) for the very first time.  Ice breakers helped to introduce each Solelim camper by playing two truths and a lie with our madrichim (counselors),competing in Family Feud, and taking our tzrif (bunk) photos.

We are quickly learning the ins and outs of life on Machane Bet ( B-side). We especially appreciate the incredible machane bet night time snacks-veggie egg rolls and strawberries and parve cream, just to name two.  We are looking forward to Shabbat and exploring  “ShaBeginnings (Shabbat Beginnings).” The first week was truly spectacular.

Shabbat Shalom.

Noam Kornsgold
Rosh Solelim
solelim week 1soslelim 2 week 1