2016 Machon – Week 1

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machon week 1.jpgIt was an exhilarating opening week for edat ha’Machon, as we reunited with friends, old and new! We dove head-on into our busy shigrah (schedule). The chanichim (campers) enjoyed making delicious baked goods in mitbachon and delighted in the special open fire breakfasts —bishul boker. Speaking of food, the B-side evening snacks have been incredible-veggie egg rolls and strawberries and cream, just to name two. I took great pride in watching my Machoners step out of their comfort zones by auditioning for our hatzagah (sshhh, the title is a secret) and embracing the challenges of the intensive chug(varsity leagues) experience. Everyone is anxiously awaiting our first Shabbat of the summer. This week our  Shabbat theme is “Mi Ani” or “who am I”.  I can’t wait to see how  chanichim tackle such formative issues. Up next week, high ropes, and the Machon project, Maslool.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom from everyone in Machon,

Gideon Weiss
Rosh Machon