2016 Bogrim – Week 4

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bog week 4Bogrim has really been living it up this week, all the way from Wingdale to Palmer! The chanichim began new electives this week, and finished their last sports practices and yahadut classes of the session. Yom JV Palmer was an undeniable highlight of the week. The chanichim worked incredibly hard and played so well! Today, Solelim andBogrim presented the first play of the season—The Little Mermaid! This Shabbat we will be beginning a series ofShabbatot dedicated to studying Judaism and the body. This week we will focus on safeguarding our bodies and the way we interact with body image in our society. The peulot are intended to trigger lots of important discussions that will be formative in your child’s development and create a better understanding of the self.

Shabbat Shalom.

Hannah Kober
Rosh Bogrim
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