2016 Bogrim – Week 2

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bog week 2Bogrim has had a truly remarkable week! The first etgar trip returned energetic as each participant spoke about the amazing hiking experience and beautiful views! The whole edah enjoyed peulot erev (evening activities) such as a reverse talent show, a song-filled bonfire, and a speed round of camp-themed pictionary.  We coined our Yom Daled,  Yom Festivals and enjoyed music festival-themed peulot, including yoga tefillah, trail-blazing, and art projects. On  Shabbat, we will continue our theme of Jewish adult decision-making, and talking about our thoughts on Jewish continuity!

Bogrim is also gearing up for Sababa next week! Everyone selected their preferences and we are ready for a jam-packed and fun-filled week!

Shabbat shalom

Hannah Kober
Rosh Bogrim