2016 Bogrim – Week 1

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bogrim week 1Soaring into the summer, edat ha’Bogrim is already engaged in sports, chugim, Al Hagova and more!  Getting to know each other and re-kindling old friendships were all part of Opening week with lots of ice breaker activities to introduce chanichim (campers) to chanichim and chanichim to madrichim (counselors). To cap off our evenings, machane bet snacks have been incredible-veggie egg rolls and strawberries and parve cream, just to name two. Last night, our miktzoim (specialists), prepared amazing peulot erev (evening activities) for each tzrif (bunk) continuing to bond and meld each tzrif into a cohesive unit and well-connected edah.  We are excited about Shabbat and the upcoming week!

Shabbat Shalom.

Hannah Kober
Rosh Bogrim