2015 Tzeirim – Week 7

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DSCN1459Tzeirim can’t believe how fast this kayitz went by! It is even more unbelievable because our week has been jammed packed with programs!  Sunday’s  pep rally  pumped us for our Monday competition against Ramah in the Poconos. We had so much fun mingling, playing sports,  swimming in their pool and feeling so welcomed by another Ramah camp. Yom Daled  this week was Yom Televizia (TV), and our chanichim absolutely loved preparing and performing actual scripts from real TV shows. Pretending to be news reporters, chanichim went around camp making videos of Ramah newsworthy subjects–both serious and funny. Our week concluded with an awesome Rikudiah on Thursday night and creative programming for Boker Israeli  on Friday morning. It’s hard to believe this is the lastShabbat of camp, and we are looking forward to having a great last week in Tzeirim.

Shabbat shalom!

Mirit Sands, Rosh Tzeirim

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