2015 Tzeirim – Week 6

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tzeirim 1 week 6This has been such an exciting week for Tzeirim! The week started off with Tisha B’Av, in which we commemorated the destruction of the Temple with the entire camp by reading Aicha, learning about different time periods of Jewish history, and exploring central themes and important values from Tisha B’Av throughout the day.The Bible Players came on Monday, and we loved having them join us for tefillot, as they engaged us in Judaism through improv and laughter.  Wednesday’s edah tiyul (group trip) was a welcome outing to Zoom Flume where we totally enjoyed the water park rides. Our week concluded with the Shorashim/Tzeirim play, Delilah, in which many of our chanichim took active and supportive roles.  We’re definitely looking forward to a restful Shabbat, and seeing what the next week has in store!

Shabbat Shalom.

Mirit Sands, Rosh Tzeirim

tzeirim 2 week 6