2015 Solelim – Week 7

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solelim 1 week 7 This week, Solelim had a wonderful Yom Daled. Yom There’s an App For That,  kept us busy learning different iPhone apps. This was followed by a B-Side Wide Dodgeball tournament. We invited many guests to our tefillot this week, including the lead singer of Soulfarm, Noah Solomon and Cantor Chesler who both led spirited Tefillot. Thursday night, Solelim danced the night away at the Rikudiah! We are all  a little ambivalent about our last Shabbat together.  We will spend time reflecting upon our incredible summer together. Shabbat Shalom.

Deb Pollack, Rosh Solelim

solelim 2 week 7