2015 Niztanim – Week 3

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N1Nitzanim had another fantastic week!  We began with a three-day Sports Clinic, where Nitzanim had the incredible opportunity to learn the fundamentals of their favorite sports from real-life coaches!  Wednesday’s Yom Daled,Yom Orange was fun for all. Campers engaged in wacky activities such as an orange peeling competition and “capture the fruit competition”. We ended the day with Dress Up Your CIT.  Thursday was a big day – the annual Yom Sport Breakout and the Zimriyah (Song Festival). Nitzanim were split between two teams – the Blue Shawarma and the Green Falafel. Throughout Thursday and Friday, we competed in all different types of sports. Nitzanim definitely had a blast this week!

Shabbat Shalom!

Jon Weinreich, Rosh Nitzanim