2015 Nitzanim – Week 2

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nitzanim week 2 This week, Nitzanim continued its wonderful start, with fun, engaging, and interesting Peulot Erev.  Gathering together last Shabbat, we played games of chess, improv games, and sports galore. What a great bonding experience for Nitzanim 2015!

Celebrating the USA on  our first Yom Meyuchad,on Wednesday, was a blast. Beginning  with a parade throughout camp, we then decorated bunk flags and played a game of tennis-baseball, Nitzanim’s favorite pastime! After lunch, we continued with “Afternoon of 1000 Stars”  and culminated  with American trivia and a showing of National Treasure. 

This Shabbat, Nitzanim will be looking at different mensches throughout Jewish history. It will surely be interesting to see how their actions connect through their values! We’re definitely looking forward to it.

Shabbat Shalom!

Jon Weinreich, Rosh Nitzanim

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