2015 Machon – Week 7

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machon 2 week 7It’s been another awesome week in Machon!  Shabbat  provided us with perfect respite after our tiyul.  Waterskiing and tubing was this week’s edah highlight.  In addition, some of our chanichim participated in a two day terrific canoeing  adventure,  which surpassed all expectations.  We danced the night away last night at the rikudiyah and had a great time with our tzrifim today, during boker yisraeli. Kayitz 2015 has been incredible and it is hard to believe that this is Machon’s last Shabbat together. We are anticipating a powerful final week beginning with Yom Palmer on Sunday.

Shabbat shalom.

Zoe Grossman, Rosh Machon
machon 1 week 7