Wingdale University singles weekend

Friday, May 25 - Monday, May 28 2018

Registration coming soon!

Come join in a fun and memorable Memorial Day Weekend in the country. Wingdale University is an affordable way to enjoy the outdoors and meet new people! The weekend is designed for Jewish singles in their 40s, 50s and up. 

People find their own pace, whether hanging around the beach, reading and sunbathing, playing softball, hiking or participating in one of the many other activities. Friends - new and old - are relaxed, enjoying each other's company.

Activities include meditation, tennis, dancing, volleyball, boating and swimming in a large beautiful lake, and hiking on numerous trails ranging from easy to challenging.

Many activities and sessions are led by Wingdale University participants.  Contact Laura if you are interested in being a leader.  Lead two or more activities to receive $50 off tuition.

Complimentary transportation will be provided to and from the Harlem Valley-Wingdale train station.

Register now to enjoy a dinner party on the beach, campfires, some professional entertainment, a DJ Dance Party, delicious food, and much more!


Top ten reasons to spend Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Ramah


10. Dancing in the moonlight and dancing with the stars.
9. Pay one price; no beads needed.
8. Much less traffic than to the Hamptons.
7. Your future bashert could be your partner at one of our activities
6. Someone else cooks for Shabbat.
5. Your parents won't get called if you’re caught streaking through camp.
4. May cost less than a Fire Island house food bill.
3. Make your parents happy.
2. As many meals as a resort in the Catskills.
1. No counselors to put the kibosh on your bunk's pillow fight.